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Irrigation & Lighting Systems in the St. George, UT Area - South Valley Landscaping

Irrigation & Lighting Systems in the St. George, UT Area - South Valley Landscaping

To ensure that the landscape that we install remains healthy and enjoyable, we offer a beautiful landscape lighting and functional irrigation systems in Washington, UT, and the other communities that we serve. Irrigation systems are critical for the long-term well being of your landscape, and we can design and install a system that will promote the health of your yard all year long.

Irrigation Systems Backyard Installation

Drought Tolerant Irrigation Systems

Using a traditional sprinkler or hose distributed water system in our part of the world during peak heat allows much of the water to evaporate before it ever reaches its intended target, the roots of the plants that need it. South Valley Landscaping designs irrigation systems that prevent water-loss by installing them exactly where plants need them, on or in the ground. We offer a number of options for drought resistant irrigation, including drip systems.

It's a smart idea to install a quality and efficient irrigation system when installing a new landscape to ensure any grass, plants, trees or other shrubs remain healthy while preventing the need to tear up the ground to install it at a later date. If you'd like to learn more about your irrigation options, don't hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

There are numerous benefits of installing an irrigation system. One of the reasons people favor automatic irrigation systems is that they can save the property owner loads of time. Watering a yard, garden and other areas of a landscape can take hours per week to keep the grounds healthy, but with an irrigation system, it's taken care of for you. Additionally, an irrigation system is programmed to use precise amounts of water, which can help you lower your water bill while saving valuable natural resources.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor, low voltage lighting is a great way to illuminate your landscape so that you can enjoy it day and night. With various lighting designs, we can help you choose the right lights to best fit your landscape aesthetic. Our lighting systems are easy to care for and are usable throughout the year.

Irrigation Systems Backyard Installation 2

The lighting systems we install are perfect for highlighting certain areas of your landscape, illuminating walkways or providing light to host events and gatherings in your space. Give us a call to request an estimate for outdoor lighting installation in Washington, St. George, or the surrounding areas.

Fire Pit & Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Another way to light up your landscape is with a one of a kind fire pit. We can design and install a fire pit that is wood or gas powered, depending on your preferences, that fits perfectly into your home's landscape. Fire pits are great for entertaining, cozying up with friends or gathering around for family nights throughout the year. Want to be able to cook outdoors? Be sure to ask us about designing and installing an outdoor kitchen!

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South Valley Landscaping would love to chat about your home's outdoor enhancement needs. Give us a call at (435) 294-3723 to request more information or an estimate for an irrigation or outdoor lighting system in Washington or the neighboring towns. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your landscaping goals.